Dr. Lester Grinspoon's Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, Shared Comments. This site is devoted to the exchange of information about the use of marijuana as a medicine. We are members of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School who have been studying marijuana for many years.

Since marijuana is largely a folk medicine, not yet generally recognized by the medical establishment, the people who know most about it are those who use it on their own. The purpose of our website is to gain access to that body of knowledge and share the information with patients and physicians.

Dr. Mikuriya is one of the world's foremost authorities on the uses of medical cannabis. He has few peers in his clinical knowledge of cannabis' therapeutic uses, efficacy, history, culture, policies, routes of administration and potential for abuse.

The mission of our organization is the education of health care professionals and the public about the therapeutic use of cannabis. Patients Out of Time shall focus its power to re-institute cannabis as a legitimate medicine for use within the United States. Patients Out of Time is seeking members of professional health care organizations or other social organizations who are willing to take the lead in urging their organization to formally support patient access to therapeutic cannabis. Patients Out of Time will assist in providing educational tools and/or speakers in such efforts. Patients Out of Time will gratefully accept any donations to help in its efforts towards getting marijuana legally accessible to those who medically need it.

・A principal goal of the AACM is disseminating accurate, scientific data regarding the clinical utility of cannabis.
・Promote and support exemplary ethical and practice standards in the asseesment, approval and/or recommendation of the medicinal use of cannabis and cannabinoids
・Toward that end we have promulgated certifying practice standards and guidelines for practicing physicians who, acting within relevant state law, recommend and approve the medicinal use of cannabis.
・Provide education with accurate data to the medical community and lay public on the endocannabionoid system and the medical utility of cannabis. And cannabinoids
・Return cannabis to the United States Pharmacopeia

The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation(THCF) is working to educate the public about the truth concerning hemp and cannabis as well as helping medical marijuana patients. We have several clinics where our doctors help patients obtain a permit for medical marijuana.

We see patients at our clinics in Oregon at Portland, Eugene, Bend, Grants Pass and Medford, in Washington state at Seattle, Spokane, Kennewick and Vancouver/Portland, in Hawaii at Honolulu, Hilo and Kapaa, in Colorado at Denver, Durango and Glenwood Springs, in Nevada at Las Vegas and at Riverside in California. We recently opened clinics in Missoula and Billings, Montana as well as Southfield, Michigan. We have helped over 53,000 patients obtain a permit to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana. 04/24/09

The CCRMG is dedicated to conducting quality medical cannabis research, to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all research subjects, and to maintain the highest quality of standards and risk management. CCRMG was founded (1) to establish an ambulatory medical clinic to provide medical care to the public and for the public benefit consistent with California's HSC §11362.5; (2) to contract with government and quasi-government agencies and divisions to administer medical programs, collect and report statistical information related to disease diagnosis, conduct medical research and provide medical ambulatory care and other medical services as needed by such government agencies; and (3) to collect and evaluate research data in connection with clinical research programs, and to publish any such information in any media, including digital, book, video, and tape.

The best available pro and con responses to the question: "Should marijuana be a medical option now?" This site presents in a simple, nonpartisan pro-con format, responses to the core question "Should marijuana be a medical option now?" We have divided questions about the topic into the issues and sub-issues listed below. All individuals and organizations quoted on our site are ranked based upon our unique credibility scale.

Concerned Physicians working for safe and appropriate use of Medicinal Cannabis. Purpose: educate doctors, attorneys, law enforcement, legislators, patients and patient advocates on:

1. The safety and effectiveness of medicinal cannabis.
2. The laws that apply to medicinal cannabis, and legal judgments/precedents:
3. Why and how doctors come to be investigated for having recommended medical cannabis.
4. What standards will be most protective of patients and doctors in recommending this safe and effective medicine. What is the range of standards that exist?

The American Alliance For Medical Cannabis (AAMC) represents a fellowship of Health Professionals, patients, educators, clergy, caregivers, and community members. Included in AAMC membership are experts in the field of cannabis medicine including clinical applications, cultivation, history, and medical preparations. The Primary Mission of AAMC is patient advocacy, patient rights, and support. Additional aspects of the AAMC Mission include clinical research and educating decision makers.

How to apply to possess, use, grow and sell marihuana in compliance with Health Canada's guidelines. Our book "Sell Marijuana Legally" tells you everything you need to know. Written by government licenced certified organic marijuana growers, Sell Marijuana Legally gives you the inside scoop on how to get your marijuana growing licence to grow, distribute and sell medical marijuana!

Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances. Health Canada grants access to marihuana for medical use to those who are suffering from grave and debilitating illnesses. Marihuana Medical Access Regulations deal exclusively with the medical use of marihuana.

* Help guide patients who currently use cannabis for medical reasons to legally access cannabis
* Provide health care professionals with an overview of current and relevant clinical information on the use of medical cannabis.

Protect the Rights of Medicinal Cannabis Patients through Political Activism. We are a group of volunteers working together to implement, preserve and protect the rights of medicinal cannabis patients through political activism. Our platform is based on the idea of not bargaining away people's rights. We believe that each person will have different needs, which are best determined by the patient and physician. What works well for one patient may not work for another. Our activism includes aiding in the defense of cannabis patients should they be so unfortunate as to be prosecuted for their choice of medication. One way we are able to do this is through the sharing of successful motions, writs, declarations and demands.

This site provides scientific and other material regarding the medical use of cannabis (marijuana) and its legal status under the laws of the United States. The purpose of DrugScience.org is to provide an on-line home for the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition and related materials, such as the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform. In a broad sense the purpose of both the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition and the Bulletin is to increase informed participation in the public policy process by advocates of marijuana law reform.

Medical Marijuana, Inc is positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they appear in the emerging legal medical marijuana industry through an enhanced payment gateway introducing verifiable levels of enhanced security. A trend is in place that clearly indicates medical marijuana is quickly becoming a legal enterprise in need of various solutions in numerous areas.

Plastic debit cards or medical revenue cards are supplied to the Medical Marijuana Dispensary (or Collective/Co-op as they are legally designated in California). The customers of the dispensary are issued the closed loop "Stored Value Card" (SVC). This "Stored Value Card" (SVC) is loaded for the customer by tendering cash to the Dispensary clerk. The Dispensary clerk will load up the new card for the customer using the "Point of Sale" (POS) System which will also recognize the dispensary location, as well as tax rates for the appropriate government agencies.

・Having a secure platform for the full service engagement of all financial services directly accessed through on integrated system, allows for a much more secure and confident transaction between customer, vendor and supplier.
・The ease of access to certifiably secure transactions lessens the risk of loss at each level of the transaction. Users are empowered, operators are empowered and Government Agencies are more confident in assuring their collection of taxes and fees while secure in the function of financial interactions.
・Operators have the benefit of establishing deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customer base. As such, the operators' ability to enhance their revenue generating capabilities is much greater with the full access to the suite of financial services provided by our vast networked platform. This enables full creative expansion within any sector to a retail operator of which these facilities may choose to engage.

Therapeutic Help from Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis. We at THC4MS will continue to supply CannaBiz chocolate information to MS sufferers until there is a viable alternative available via the National Health Service. We do not accept that patients who need to use cannabis as pain relief should have to wait until 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007... when a THC based medicine could be licensed for general use and prescription Should we be prosecuted for our activities we will plead NOT GUILTY and will then use a defence of necessity.

Alison Myrden, a wheelchair-bound med-pot patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis and a variety of painful related ailments, has a legal exemption from the federal government to possess and grow marijuana. Myrden points out that the full legalization of cannabis has greater benefits than just those for med-pot patients, indicating that it's a way to get rid of the criminal element and black market, and that it is a potential source of tax revenue which could be spent to better the lives of all Canadians. She recommends taxing cannabis and putting it into a regulated market where people have more controlled and responsible access.

In addition to marijuana legalization, the inadequacies of the health care system, fair collective bargaining rights, and environmental issues such as clean air and water, Myrden's platform also contains a promise to fight against "joining the US with their international aggression" 窶 something many Canadians are deeply concerned with.

Canada's Premiere Medical Marijuana Journal. Cannabis Health Journal has made great progress over the last 3+ years, in influencing the minds of the decision makers, giving support and a voice to those others in the movement and is continually a thorn in the side of the propaganda machine. Cannabis Health Journal has been a glue to hold together the sanity in this insane situation bringing the truth to those inside & outside the "bubble". We are the only ones to pierce the mainstream and be taken for more than a fringe item. We have the confidence of many and believe we can turn the tables to ensure new sensible drug policies get implemented on a global scale. We are your voice for freedom of choice.

The Ohio Patient Network is a non-profit coalition of patients, caregivers, activists and medical professionals who support the compassionate use of cannabis for various medicinal purposes. Our mission is to coordinate information between patients, medical professionals, and attorneys, as well as to educate the public and keep the interested current with the movement`s news.

The British Columbia Compassion Club Society is Canada's largest medical marijuana buyers' club, based in Vancouver, BC. Our purposes are: To establish a non profit entity to facilitate the transition of the market for cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes from an illicit one to a licit one, to ensure medicinal cannabis is accessible in a similar manner as other medicinal herbs, in accordance with our vision; To ensure the availability of a supply of cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes only that meets appropriate quality standards regarding unadulteration and sanitation and other requirements; To provide a safe, friendly, supportive and secure environment for member patients to receive and use cannabis for medical purposes only and on prescription or on written authorization from their physicians; or through self-prescription where appropriate; To educate physicians, patients, politicians and the general public about the beneficial medical uses of cannabis and cannabis products;

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe source of cannabis-based treatments to it's membership, and to adding to our knowledge and understanding of the therapeutic potential of whole-plant cannabis medicines through community-based scientific research.

We are not affiliated with any legal or government institute. You do not need to have legal exemption to sign up with us, and signing up will offer you no extra legal protection. We are merely a source for medicine.

We try to always have at least one Indica and one Sativa based strain available at all times as they have different therapeutic properties. Also, we offer cannabis-enriched cookies to provide longer-lasting effects, Ryanol pills (consisting of grapeseed oil and lecithin) and hemp salve - an all-purpose topical ointment made from cannabis-seed oil, vitamin E, and bees wax. Browse the Product Guide for a complete list of our products.

San Francisco Cannabis Clubs.com maintains a directory of San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries, as well as a collection of patient compiled reviews on their experiences at the medical marijuana dispensaries of San Francisco, California.

San Francisco Cannabis Clubs.com also maintains up to date medical marijuana news and other valuable medical marijuana patient resources.

The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is a collective of seriously ill patients who work to educate the general public regarding the medical benefits of marijuana, and to insure that patients, who have a recommendation from their physician, have safe access to legal, natural supply of Marijuana for the treatment of terminal and debilitating illness. WAMM works closely with local law enforcement and the legal community, leading the movement to uphold the Democratic process by bringing the issue of medical marijuana use before the people of California through proposition 215. California's citizens voted overwhelmingly in support of the proposition.

Medical Cannabis, Alternative Therapies & Nutrition. Tony's Holistic Centre is pleased to offer an excellent range of alternative therapies and treatments in addition to a comprehensive range of organic foods, right in the heart of London's Kings Cross. Our organic cafe offers a selection of raw and cooked foods and a selection of juices & smoothies all of which can be enjoyed in either our seating area or in our spacious garden. Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice The therapists at the centre offer their expertise across a number of areas including nutrition, energy healing and psychotherapy and will always be happy to discuss your needs with you.

For people suffering from a genuine illness by supplying high quality natural cannabis. Cannabis has been used medicinally for over 5,000 years. A Labour Government banned its medical use in 1971, today the Government is prosecuting and persecuting sick people. It has to stop.Cannabis medicine should be dispensed by a qualified GP, however as the use of cannabis is illegal, a Doctor cannot prescribe cannabis to any patient.There are 88,000 MS sufferers in the UK, many have used or use cannabis for its therapeutic effects.We at Bud Buddies do not wish for some of the most vulnerable people in society to have to have contact with the criminal drug dealers who deal in poor quality cannabis. The Bud Buddies Organisation provides Cannabis medicine in capsule form, cream (for external application) and as quality bud.

How the Raich v. Ashcroft federal medical cannabis lawsuit born, and who is involved. The U.S. Supreme Court will soon issue its landmark ruling on the "Ashcroft v. Raich" medical cannabis case. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Angel Raich -- a medical cannabis patient from Oakland, California -- the federal government's war on medical cannabis will essentially be over.

The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education. To set new precedents in marijuana freedom for all Americans by moving the fight for medical marijuana rights into the legal and judicial realm exclusively. As a nonprofit with unprecedented focus, GREEN AID will work solely on the legal & judicial front of the fight for medical marijuana change. As such, GREEN AID will enlist services by the finest lawyers available. GREEN AID's unmatched presence in the Courts will reassign public marijuana debates as part and parcel of the range of human rights concerns that grip the very core of our nation in the 21st Century.

Resources from the medical marijuana patients who wrote California's Proposition 215. This website is the official home of Californians for Compassionate Use. Reschedule Marijuana in America Now!!

Forum for the medical use of marijuana only, promoting the acceptance and use of medical marijuana. Our Treating Yourself Magazine is a Medical Marijuana Journal, written by patients for patients. Just as important, it's a publication that can also help educate the general public about the many benefits of Medical Marijuana.

The Humongous Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Website. You will find everything here that you need to know about medical marijuana. We help provide the disabled, sick, or terminally ill patients with just The Knowledge & Information Only that they need to learn to know, To learn how to help themselves better.

Canadians for Safe Access (CSA) is an action-oriented, grassroots campaign of patients, supporters and suppliers working at the local, provincial and national level to change the unjust laws that prevent Canadians from accessing therapeutic cannabis. Canadians for Safe Access will begin an aggressive media and grassroots campaign designed to: Pressure Health Canada to live up to its court-ordered obligations and follow the will of the Canadian people by opening up access to therapeutic cannabis: Defend the rights of patients to seek alternative access to therapeutic cannabis: Serve as a catalyst for media-savvy grassroots activists to work effectively with drug policy reform groups and supportive local, provincial, and federal officials.

Americans for Safe Access is the largest national grassroots coalition working solely to protect the rights of patients and doctors to use marijuana for medical purposes. Our mission is to ensure safe, legal access to marijuana for all who are helped by it. We provide legal training for lawyers and patients, medical information for doctors and patients, media support for court cases, activist training to organizers, and rapid response to law enforcement problems. We work with local, state and national legislators on issues concerning medical marijuana patients. Our successful media and legal campaigns have resulted in important court precedents, new sentencing standards, and more compassionate community guidelines.

Granite Staters is working to push the presidential candidates to take strong, public, positive positions on medical marijuana during the primary campaign in New Hampshire. Specifically, we are working to get each candidate to commit to ending the federal raids on medical marijuana patients if elected presidents.