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San Francisco

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Source: Oaksterdam News
Pub date: Volume 2 Issue 1
Subj: San Francisco’s cannabis dispensaries offer distinct atmosphere and services
Author: Marcy Boas

I recently visited several dispensaries in the Portrero, Mission, Castro and SOMA Districts of San Francisco. Every one of the dispensaries had security who checked my ID and recommendation before ushering me in to the facilities. All the dispensaries had competitive pricing for their different products. The following details what accessibility, products, and extras each had to offer.

●Re-Leaf Herbal Center

2980 21st St, 415-235-3307
Hours: Monday-Saturday 12pm to 8pm, Closed Sundays.
Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Street Parking.

Atmosphere: This family-owned dispensary is on the smaller side. It was very un-obtrusive from the street. The people I spoke with were friendly, easy-going and low key.

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Assorted Hemp Elixirs, Keif, Hash, Honeybud Oil, Joints, Edibles.
  • Accessories: Sealed Travel Jars, Grinders, Pipes, Scales.
  • Extras: Free Water, Calendars, T-shirts.

  • ●The Green Cross
    3420 22nd St, 415-648-4420
    Hours: Monday-Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm, Closed Sundays.

    Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Limited Street Parking (you can be banned from the dispensary for parking illegally), Incentives Offered for Proof of Public Transportation.

    Atmosphere: The Green Cross was extremely professional. Though it was a rainy day, a Security Guard stood outside (with an umbrella) waiting to verify patients’ documentation.

    The dispensary offers an exceptional selection of products, from clothing to medicine. The space is chock full of information, products, and gift items and also included a plasma television, a steady stream of patients, and relaxed and friendly employees. Unfortunately, due to newly adopted San Francisco Regulations, The Green Cross is being forced to move by March 22. Owner Kevin encourages friends and patients to write the Board of Supervisors to express their support for continued existence of The Green Cross. For more information about this issue or about The Green Cross, visit

  • Medicine: Dried Product, THC Sprays, Keif, Hash, Oils, Pre-rolled joints, Infused teas, Edibles (Incredible Edibles).
  • Accessories: Pipes, Vaporizers, Ashtrays.
  • Extras: Tank Tops, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Beanies, Shot Glasses.

  • ●SF Med Cann #2
    194 Church St, 415-626-4781
    Hours: Monday-Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturday-Sunday 12pm to 5pm
    Accessibility: Free Hour of Parking at Safeway (across street), Public Transportation, Second Floor.

    Atmosphere: A very relaxed and quiet dispensary. People were hanging out, eating, medicating and watching TV.

    Free internet access is offered for patients. This dispensary also offers other benefits for its’ patients. They organize field trips to various places (i.e. Marin Headlands) for patients (in cooperation with Healing Waters). They sell pipe cozies (sewn by patients) and donate the proceeds to Camp Sunburst (for children with AIDS).

    They also offer free pizza or lunch for their patients on occasion.

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Edibles.
  • Accessories: Pipe Cozies.
  • Extras: Free Lunch, Field Trips for Patients, Internet Access.

  • ●SF Act Up
    1884 Market St, 415-864-6686
    Hours: Tues-Sun 12pm to 7pm, Monday 12pm to 3pm
    Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Public Transportation, Close to Freeways, Ample Street Parking.

    Atmosphere: This facility is very low-key and private. From the moment I entered and identifies myself, the employees expressed their desire to maintain the privacy of the patients and facility. In addition to a dispensary, they are a politically active group. The facility offers free literature about many issues (i.e. environmental activism). For more information, please visit the dispensary (if you are a patient), or visit their website Additionally, on Sundays only, they offer a movie and consumption on site. They also offer fully Organic, Vegan Edibles. Finally, they feature Free Yoga once a week (call them for times).

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Keif, Hash, Organic and Vegan Edibles.
  • Accessories: None.
  • Extras: Political Literature, Free Yoga Once a Week, Consumption and a Movie on Sundays.

  • ●Mr. Nice Guy

    174 Valencia St, 415-865-0990
    Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm
    Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Ample Street Parking, Public Transportation.

    Atmosphere: This is probably the biggest dispensary that I visited. The ceilings are very tall and they have a spectacular mural painted on one enormous wall (if you are into art, it is worth a visit). The dispensary is still a work in progress as they are still building and organizing inside, but they are fully operational, and have plenty of space for people who want to hang out (they are temporarily allowing smoking on site). They were even playing a comedy show on a large TV while I was there. They will occasionally offer free snacks for patients. The employees were nice and very accommodating.

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Hash, Keif, Edibles (Vegan when available), Ice Cream (Vegan Ice Cream when available 窶 it was there when I visited).
  • Accessories: Coming Soon.
  • Extras: Occasional Free Snacks, Temporarily allowing Consumption on Site.

  • ●The Love Shack
    502 14th St, 415-552-5121
    Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am to 7pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm
    Accessibility: Street Parking, Public Transportation.

    Atmosphere: The Love Shack will not be accepting new patients until April 1, 2006. If you are one of the fortunate few to have a “Love Shack” sticker on your recommendation, you can expect an easy-going and relaxed environment. Apparently, they became so popular that patients were lining up along the sidewalk, so in the interest of peace in the neighborhood, they decided to pare down the numbers by making the dispensary “members only.” Unfortunately, for non-members, this dispensary was tapped “Best of the Bay” by The Guardian for 2005. If you are interested in putting yourself on their list, give them a call.

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Hash, Keif, Hunny Oil, Pre-Rolled Joints, Edibles (Butter Brothers).
  • Accessories: Bubblers, Jack Herer Pipes.
  • Extras: T-shirts, Books (at cost).

  • ●Mission St. Caregivers
    1760 Mission St, 415-553-7780
    Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 9am-8pm

    Accessibility: Some Street Parking, Pay Lot one block away, Public Transportation, ADA Accessible.

    Atmosphere: Mission Street Caregivers has the most extensive clone selection of the dispensaries I visited. They have quite a few employees working, so there are many people to help the patients when they come in. They have a good selection of medicine in its various forms.

  • Medicine: Clones, Dried Product, Concentrates, Dry Product, Keif, Hash and Tinctures
  • Accessories: None
  • Extras: None

  • ●Ketama

    14 Valencia St, 415-706-2679
    Hours: Monday-Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 12pm to 9pm, Sunday 12pm to 8pm
    Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Ample Street Parking, Public Transportation.

    Atmosphere: Eclectic and Artsy, Ketama has a mellow, Moroccan feel. There were more than a few patients consuming and hanging out. There was funky music, low-lighting, and lots of art 窶 a very ethereal vibe. This is one of only a few dispensaries that offer clones.

    The staff was easy-going and relaxed, much like the patients who were there. I definitely got the feeling that patients can always be found occupying the sitting area as long as the dispensary is open. On Sundays, they have a compassion program for underprivileged patients.

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Hash, Keif, Oils, Tainted Honey, Edibles.
  • Accessories: Moroccan Hash Pipe (AKA a Sipsie).
  • Extras: Occasional Free Snacks, Sundays Action Compassion (small free packages for less fortunate patients).

  • ●The Green Door

    843 Howard St, 415-541-9590
    Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:30am to 8:00pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-9pm

    Accessibility: ADA Accessible, Public Transportation, Street Parking, 3 Pay Lots within 2 blocks.

    Atmosphere: The Green Door runs a very professional business with personal touches. They have the most extensive security with a fully closed off counter featuring bulletproof glass. Even though the purchasing bar is closed off, they do have another bar around the perimeter of the dispensing area for patients to sit and consume on-site, though most only sit for a few moments.

    It is spacious and unencumbered compared to most of the other dispensaries (even if there is a line, there is plenty of room to maintain your personal space). Not only is this facility one of the most easily accessible for local San Franciscans (only a couple blocks from BART, MUNI, and major bus lines), but it’s also good for patients from outside San Francisco as it is centrally located in the SOMA district (very close to the Bay Bridge and most major highways).

    There is a wide selection of dried product. You can expect friendly, energetic, and helpful employees. For more information about this dispensary, please visit

  • Medicine: Dried Product, Keif, Hash, Amber Oil, Edibles.
  • Accessories: Coming Soon.
  • Extras: T-shirts, Free Water and Consumption on Site.